No time like the present

Where have I been since my last post in May? Why the prolonged absence? I am not exactly sure, I have been overwhelmed by my health lately and was taking a class during that time which didn’t help my stress much. Every day I would tell myself I need to make another post but would inevitably put it off telling myself I would feel better the next day. I could not handle it. I still feel a bit overwhelmed like I am drowning in the woes of my health issues.

AT the moment this is month 5 of AIP diet. I had high hopes of being able to eat a lot of foods right now and at least more paleo. Sadly that is not where I am at, nor am I anywhere near such a diet. I am still here on the same basic aip none of my intros go very well at all and lately have only gotten worse. A bad reactive food obliterates my colon [to keep as clean of an image as possible lol]. Reactions always happen as an itchy rash but lately like this past month or so I get a rash everyday on my knees and cannot figure out what is causing it. I thought I was bitten by a brown recluse until my skin didn’t disintegrate overtime. I react so much now I cant even take the time to intro because it only makes everything worse.

I feel like I’m at the end of my rope most days, barely hanging on by a thread. It offends me that I can go cold turkey into a diet or anything for my health, never cheat it, stick to it through herxheimer reactions and extreme die off just to still have just as many health problems as before I started. Especially since I have been at this for years it is all very disheartening. All the while I am in more pain everyday from some new symptom yet cannot peg what is wrong.

On top of that not looking as sick as I am means I receive no sympathy. Family does not understand why everyday chores overwhelm me. Why I miss out on special events/occasions. Why I can’t eat, that probably bothers me the most given my childhood of being known for eating you out of house and home. I am jealous when I see people make a simple change like drinking regular soda instead of diet and all their health is given to them. I gave up everything to be healthy and am no where near being anything resembling health. My symptoms fit nothing through all my research yet everyday I get worse so I say no time like the present to finally get me on here writing. I try not to write when I’m down but I don’t have any sunshine in me today and today I wanted to write so here it is.

If you struggle with your health where do you turn to?  Lemme know below =)



Glycerin is a humectant which in humid weather is a wonderful thing because it draws moisture from the air. It is in lotions, creams, moisturizers, sunscreen, conditioner and the like making it a great addition to those looking to increase their moisture. However, glycerin is often looked at as a one way street only bringing you moisture. I think the correct way to view it is glycerin is indeed great at drawing in moisture no doubt there. But for those who do not live in humid climates glycerin is your worst nightmare.

A lotion with glycerin in a arid climate  is going to dry YOU out. The point of applying a product such as lotion is to keep your skin hydrated. After a bath your skin has soaked in moisture and you are sealing it in by applying lotion so that your skin is not dry the rest of the day. If your lotion has glycerin [as many do], you are undoing all your hard work especially if you live in the desert or a dry climate of any sort. If there is no moisture in the air and you have used a glycerin product to keep your skin moisturized the glycerin will take the moisture from your skin and give it to the air. Leaving you with dry skin hours later because it has sucked all the moisture out of it. Unknowingly you apply more which only worsens the issue. Glycerin draws moisture to where it is needed point blank that’s what it does.

For this reason I avoid glycerin since I do not live in a humid climate as it will worsen the issue of dryness. Instead I have been using shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, sesame oil and lately washed ghee which is by far my favorite ❤ All of these are my lotions as they do not have glycerin added to them and its hard finding a commercial product without it so I kept it simple.

As for my hair, because  my texture is naturally dry and a lot of products have glycerin to give added moisture it takes a bit of research to find a glycerin free product. However, I have found a handful of products that fit the description and if that is not an option for you try to make sure its at the bottom of the ingredient list especially if its something that is staying on you such as a leave-in or lotion.

Do you live in a humid climate? What ingredients do you avoid for your skin or hair? lemme know below ^^

Starter Locs

About a month and a half ago I decided I wanted to loc my hair. Before that day I had never wanted to loc my hair but after celebrating 4 years of working my natural hair I wanted a change and NO not the “I guess I’ll straighten my hair” change [lol].  Which lead me into my starter locs, I have had them for almost 2 months and am loving it!

I started them myself after just waking up and dreading my loose natural hair, it was wash day. Wash day’s were notorious for consuming my time no matter what method I chose and frankly I was over it. I put my hair into twists as I often kept my hair in twists and realized it then. I love the look of twists, not twist outs just twists and I hate having to redo them because they tangled so easily and took me forever to redo every week. On top of that everyone always confused my twists for dreadlocks  so why not just have dreadlocks and end this whole sha-bang. I say loc’s are nothing but positives!

no more twisting the length of my hair

no more combating frizz and tangles

no more hours of finger detangling

no more weekends wasted for wash and styling

no more stressing over my hair

no more worrying if I will have enough time before bed to tame the beast

no more last minute touch ups when I need to go

no more fur balls down the drain

no more expectations to straighten

That wash day was my last with loose hair, I spent that week researching every piece of information I came across on how to start the loc’ing process. While doing so I had my hair in twists and every time I washed it I would make each twist half its size to help me determine a good amount of starter locs. I started with 15 twists, doubled it to 30, doubled again somehow had 67, once more leaving me with 93, combined a few twists leaving me with 81. Those stayed a while but after more research and watching videos I saw the importance of parting and redid my front section where I became lazy and made huge sections. This lead to me taking down the front section to doctor it up giving me 99 locs. This was perfect, I watched a lot of “dread heads” and studied the images and sizing and loc count. I knew from the get-go I wanted between 70-100 locs, I have thick hair and wanted thick locs preferably the width of a sharpie or my pinky. I also knew I did not want sisterlocks, they are really tiny and not something I would want to maintain. Nor do I have the need to do such intricate styles that may require tinier locs. From what I understand sisterlocks are the most versatile for looking/acting so much like loose hair…… but I am not here for my hair to act as it did loose or look how it did loose. I like the look of locs and less manipulation of my hair ^^

I really love not having to manipulate my hair so much or at all anymore. I can wear it down and let it hang or if I am feeling fancy I have enough starter locs to do fun styles and braiding but now its better! The styles are better because I can easily part and section off my hair, no need for a spray bottle, clamps, clips, pins and conditioner to work the hair into a new style. Now my hair is easily sectioned and styled without stray hairs or snapping combs. Also I do not need to wet it first to mold it into a different style. It is not tangled in fairy knots it is perfect and I love every moment with my hair now. Looking back to that morning, first starting them by parting with my nails and a hand mirror to see the back of my head. That was the best thing I have done for my hair and I feel great about my hair again just the sheer joy I have for it and to remain natural is a wonderful feeling.

Locs have given me everything I have ever wanted for my hair. No joke, so serious. Everything I have wanted, part of that is due to my countless research leading to me trying new methods on my hair. The other part has been diet! I did not do anything new until this past week because I wanted to make sure my hair growth was not from anything but my diet. My hair had grown over an inch in a month, especially the top of my head. My roots have grown in strong and healthy which makes me thankful for AIP, something is going right with my body =) All this growth has also filled in my edges which always were broken off baby hairs but now full and healthy! I love having my hair this way and can finally in my life truly enjoy my hair down or in a ponytail but the latest sensation I have been enjoying is how free and bouncy it is! I am not used to it being able to flow in the wind, usually it is weighed down by oil or too dry and sticks up like Alfalfa. Now I am benefiting from the layers I gave myself back in January, and it really just feels like everything is coming in full circle.  I also want to use locs to show a new, stronger, healthier version of myself to represent true health from the inside-out and document my transition.

This mane of mine was meant to loc, and rock some loc I shall not mock.


Delicious clarified butter and a God-send for those in the lactose intolerant category or others such as myself who are simply sensitive to milks properties.

Ghee is very easy to make. It is literally butter that has been melted into a golden liquid and simmered until the milk proteins and sugars [aka casein and lactose] separate and are strained out. Resulting in the finished product-milk fat, which is your ghee.

This can be bought at Indian and Middle Eastern type stores in a variety of jars from a cup to a quart of butter. However, ghee can get a bit pricey from the store especially if you want quality meaning organic and grass fed happy dairy producing cows. If you’re like me and use copious amounts daily [no need to fear healthy fats], I would suggest making your own as it is a simple fun process done in an hour tops depending on your process. If I try and rush it [15-20 mins like tutorials say] my pot boils over with foam wasting precious ghee all over the stove and if I take too long [about an hr] I burn it and end up with black coffee. This last time I got it right! Resulting in a deep golden color!

To make ghee you will need:

  • butter [preferably unsalted I believe salted makes the ghee gritty instead of smooth in appearance]
  • pot [mine is stainless steel]
  • empty jar
  • strainer [steel fine mesh, cheesecloth, or ghetto make shift strainer of your choice]

Alrighty, that’s it!

Step One: Melt your butter.

 You can dice it into smaller chunks but I just lay the sticks of butter in one  at a time so I don’t melt too many as I am not fond of measuring        beforehand. I just know I used a box of Kerrygold so 24 oz butter and after  is boiled down the water, casein and lactose will leave so my finished        product will be less naturally. This boiling out is also why ghee is shelf    stable and does not require refrigeration. The things that spoil it have been  isolated from the product and removed.

Step two: keep the fire low enough so it doesn’t boil over or burn.

I keep my flame low to the point its barely there. The fire is set too high if the pot starts violently boiling out hot ghee. I have found it helps to use the smallest burner on your stove for ghee making. As for the milk properties, you will see solid crackly bits floating to the top that you can discard as they float up. There will also be crumb-like bits at the bottom. Those bits are sensitive and will be what burns and ruins your ghee. Because of this I don’t make ghee in a dark pot I need to see those ghee crumbs aren’t burning.

Step three:  You want the ghee to foam up twice so don’t bother it.

The foam is unmistakable and it always foams twice after that second foaming don’t leave your pot!!! If you do, it will burn I guarantee it! Once it foams a second time you are done. Hooray! Oh sidenote: if you are a fan of browned butter, after this 2nd foaming allow a few more seconds of boiling here. Do so with a lot of caution because you have a small window before the crumbs burn on ya.



Step four: strain into your beautiful jar [keeps the crumbs out]

….but I mean wait a few seconds as the ghee is crazy hot and you don’t wanna burn anyone or burst your jar. Make sure to strain it before it starts to solidify completely or even lump up just slightly cool off. Safety first. I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten and later touched that hot terribly hot jar of ghee. Please allow ample cooling time before storing it away.



The color is important because a lighter faded yellow [left pic] means you have under-cooked your ghee and still have milk sugar and protein in it. Shown by milk amongst the ghee solidified or not a milky colored liquid does not belong. Meaning it could spoil or get moldy, it is in an air tight sealed jar after all. Also, not what you want to give someone with a milk issue… if you are, you want to leave as little milk residue behind as possible. So for everyone’s health, if you do have pale yellow ghee no worries it can be boiled down again just be careful and watch it closely focusing on the crumbly bits.

Lemme know if you have tried ghee and how you make yours!

Repercussions of Resisting Spring

Progressing on the AIP diet, I have come upon the 6 week mark [yay!]. I will be doing 2 more weeks before intro’s giving my body it’s best chance to heal. My progress has been very slow which makes it hard at times. Luckily, I have wonderful people close to my heart to borrow strength from ^^

With all that being said springtime is throwing me off! I know it is not a surprise seasons change and I thought I would embrace it. I thought I would be ready and welcome it. Instead…. I have been ignoring it, pretending it isn’t hot outside right now. Stocking up on my usual round of winter groceries. Acting as if I do not see the change on the shelves as my items become harder to find every trip to the market. I have become accustomed to eating warming foods best suited for my cold winter days. I have been resisting change. I know. Shame on me right? I know spring starts March 20 I know it by heart yet I am finding it difficult to let winters foods go.

Why you may ask? Well for the past 6 weeks I have relied heavily on yams and fried [in ghee] plantains/ bananas as my calories and they have suited this purpose well. Also eating something freshly heated everyday truly kept me warm. Yes I eat meat but have never been one to eat very much meat… much less, meat at every meal. Resulting in most of my calories coming from carbohydrates which suits me best. At the beginning of AIP I did try meat every meal and felt like crap no matter how organic or clean it was. I have found one meat meal a day to be suffice for me ^^ Usually being liver [love it!] or a couple fillets of fish.

Which brings me back to spring. Apparently it is the season of salads. I want dense heavy sustenance. I went against what I read and continued eating my carbs as often as I liked. I did not have it in me to substitute carbs for salad no matter how big or full. No matter the dressing or type of greens used. I have had enough of salads and the audacity of spring to not offer denser foods for my meals made me sad. I eat one or two salads a day already and plenty of leafy greens so yes I was mad at a season lol.

Mad enough to be rebellious [oh my] and eat as if spring never came. I know it is silly but I can be stubborn. So that is just what I did, I continued eating as I had the previous 4 weeks. Then last week I started feeling hot when I ate. It is already hot weather I do not need to be internally hot too. I knew what I was doing was better suited for winter but I stubbornly persisted and stayed indoors. However, it became too much. I stopped frying bananas and started eating them raw because they are cooling and a year round fruit.

At this point I thought I had won. I still had yams baked in the oven but for dinner when it is cooler. This past week I was shown what happens when you resist mmmm well c.h.a.n.g.e. It started off faint easily overlooked and became more pronounced every day. Until the taste was so recognizable my mouth wanted nothing to do with it. My beloved winter root, my decadent yams are no longer sweet to me. But, that is not why it is now rejected. I can handle non sugar goods I’ve been on the candida diet [basically no sugar, no foods that raise blood sugar, no foods broken down into sugar, none]. What was off-putting here was that I was seeing my delectable yam and tasting carrot. I ate from different sections of the yam ate another yam everything was carrot. I was flabbergasted by this and it took all week but that taste was definitely carrot.

I do not like carrot! So my plate of yams became unappetizing immediately. All my thoughts of yams and feelings of comfort food were thrown out the window and replaced with Bugs Bunny asking me “whats up doc?” as I try to imitate him and scarf down a carrot I do not want. Which is exactly what I did as a child. I can handle carrots [barely] but having a whole meal of them is beyond my ability. I am a firm believer in the body knowing what it needs. My first attempt at candida diet I left out protein for a month and became obsessed with peanut butter. I detest peanut butter but that month, with those cravings I finished off a Costco sized jar in a matter of days. My body literally craved it so intensely I could not put it down. Then the second I quit that diet [due to lack of research before starting I needed to quit it was best] and ate my usual food I never touched peanut butter again.

So for my body to turn a food I love into one I do not, reminds me of when I craved peanut butter. Since that first time this happened I have tried to stay “in tune” with myself. Making it easier to read the signs and signals my body sends out. If eating foods past their season makes them taste like foods I prefer not to eat then I will avoid them until I feel a taste for them again. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing as they say. In the end Spring won, nature knows what its doing so I will not be resisting next season and will embrace summer in all its glory. I could be biased summer is my favorite season. Okay okay, I will do better next Spring! Eat seasonally or face natures wrath >.<

Does your body send you special cues or signals? What is your reason for eating seasonally? Have you ever battled nature and won?

Natural 4 Years

Okay… I have actually been natural my whole life since I haven’t had any chemicals in my hair what-so-ever. What I mean by four years of being natural is four strong years of embracing my natural hair texture. Allowing my hair pattern to be seen rather than straightening it and relying on heat to style it. In those four years I learned about my beautiful head of hair that:

  • my left side is twice as thick as my right side
  • I have very loose kinky curls with my bang area as waves
  • I have low porosity hair [scales of hair shaft tend to lay shut, harder for product and moisture to get inside the shaft] which explained so much. Applying products warm will lift and open the hair shaft. Or using a more alkaline ph to raise the scales. I used to add a pinch of baking soda to my co-wash it did wonders =)
  • My hair loves water
  • It is fragile and needs a lot of protein treatments [I think that is health related and am hoping as I improve my digestion and such my hair will grow in stronger…fingers crossed]
  • its very thick yet the individual strands are fine

In this time I have experimented plenty with my hair and noted what I love. I love keeping my hair in twists, wetting my hair whenever I wish, the versatility of my styles and the sun streak tones in my hair. I do not love detangling, the aftermath of my rare straightening aka severe dryness and breakage, slow growth [2 inches a yr], re-twisting on wash day, deep conditioning/ protein treatments…all of this just to manage my hair no matter how I tend to it, condition it, love it. Do not get me wrong I love my hair it is just a lot to deal with everyday and frankly tires me out.

There is a difference between being too lazy to do my hair and knowing I have to do something, it cannot just be free. That is asking for trouble. I rarely E-V-E-R allow my wild hair to be totally free. For good reason, whenever I do it makes me ohso-sorry I did that. The tangles, knots and matting are so surreal it boggles my mind. One would imagine my hair had never seen a comb before. And it tricks you, to the untrained eye it looks “fine” lol. But do not be fooled! The trouble lies where you cannot see. The roots somehow always intermingle and start forming dreads and create chaos. Leading to hours yes hours it takes me four hours to comb out my whole head [if out in a fro all day instead of braided or twisted] no joke. One hour per quarter section of my head.

I can honestly say after a lifetime of sitting through and doing my hair, I know what I want. I just want manageable hair and a simple routine that allows me to wake up and go if need be or wash and go. I have seen countless videos of other naturals enjoying their hair as is. I want that! My hair has never been able to do that or if I try it is a tangled mess by the end of the day. Which means more detangling, which takes me hours to do and restyle even if its a simple bun it will tangle within the bun. I can never just let it be. I had always figured over time it would train itself or something since I keep it clean and moisturized, yet that hasn’t happened. I do not enjoy needing a few minutes more in the mirror to “do my hair” real quick lol. Sure, for the special occasion yes! I will do something fancy but sometimes a girl just wants to go “as is” and literally walk out the door.

I have tried to appease this mane long enough. I already cut it myself into layers this January which was awesome. I never had layers before and was getting that “triangle head” look so I cut it. No regrets there, my hair has had more movement to it. However, lately I still wanted change. I feel as if I am always working against my hair. It re-tangles as I finger comb it out, I wet it to style it and it frizzes up or undoes itself. I tie it down, it breaks free. I did not choose natural hair to fight it all the time . It has done a lot better, I see my growth since I stopped the heat almost entirely [flat iron once a yr instead of every 2 weeks] . I just figured maybe more cooperation would happen as well but no. Part of the reason I started this journey was to have long hair that I loved but my hair would be too much to handle. I can barely keep up with it now and its only BSL [bra strap length] and my goal is waist-length. I don’t wanna be miserable I just want to enjoy my hair and be able to let it hang and just be.

Soooo [drumroll]

A week or so ago I decided to loc my hair!!! Or well, I am in the process of loc-ing them it will take time [loc’s can take 2 years to mature]. Nonetheless, I could not be more excited for this new adventure with my hair!! 😀

What are your hair woes? How do you deal? Do you have loc’s if so how long and what are your pros and cons? Also open to any advice on my hair and what to look forward too! ^^

Changing with the Seasons

Like Mother Nature, I too work best by seasons. Recently, since starting AIP diet I finally eat seasonally [mini victory] because when eating processed foods it is easy to eat what you like everyday like potato chips or mac ‘n cheese! Also very easy to ignore seasons. Our food is always there at the grocery store. Watermelon for example, is a summer fruit but I can find wedges in the produce section year round. Which is my point, everyone does not eat locally grown and produced food that you would find at a farmers market. At the grocery store the food I want is always available no matter the season. I see this as keeping me out of touch with the most basic of things we do. Eat…everyday.

If watermelons were meant to be eaten everyday wouldn’t they be a year round crop?  Same for oats and other everyday foods such as cereal, bread, salad, fries. I am not a farmer, I am not a gardener. I am aware of cycling and the importance of rotation. We know too much of a good thing is bad. We know eating the same thing everyday is not good. Such as the person who wants to live off the same food everyday or they throw a fit. We see that as absurd but the way I see it. Each of us do that on a less extreme level. Ideally we should be eating foods when they are in season they grow that way for a reason and I try to respect that.

To me produce grows during the time it can be best utilized. Watery fruits and vegetables grow during the summer. Lettuce, cucumber and melons are mostly water. When we consume them that water cools us down in the warm summer sun. These are called cooling foods, given their high water content they are meant to cool us down. If I were to eat watermelon and salad all day and I have on a Raw diet so trust me. It makes you cold internally. I was blue, I could not warm up. It was November no amount of blankets could warm me I was just blue and cold to the core. Which is when I learned about cooling foods and warming foods. A warming food is easy to find if you look at winter foods. Yams and squash. Starchy carbohydrate goodness. Soups, these are meant to warm you. Spices, chili the things you gravitate toward on a snowy day to “warm up” because that is exactly what they do. So back to seasons and eating by them. Simple enough you should. I know heating and cooling foods go beyond what I said here but provide nice examples for eating stuff when it grows and how it can go against you when you don’t listen to nature.

Beyond food another seasonal change I do is my wardrobe. I have a big bin that I rotate my clothes from fall/winter to spring/summer so basically warm and cold attire. Spring will be here shortly so I have spent the last couple of days cleaning up all my winter items. So my beanies, scarves, sweaters, boots, gloves, manicures, thick wool blankets, cute fuzzy socks and layered clothing will be clean and put in my bin. Replaced by sandals, pedicures, wedges, shorts, dresses, skirts, cardigans, tanks and light fabric. I have been doing this switch a few years now and love it because I forget my clothes that I haven’t seen for 6 months and am excited to wear them all again! So it feels like I have all new clothes =) lol. This little trick keeps me from that dreadful feeling of not having anything to wear and allows me to utilize my creative side and combine outfits differently. Plus lessens the want to shop for new clothes ^^

Other changes I do are colors spring means bright and floral colors, summer I am not sure lol I wear colors still maybe not as vibrant. Fall brings in beautiful autumn colors of orange [pumpkin], browns and yellows and winter I wear gloomy colors that remind me of the sunless days so grays, white, black and blue. Oh and I also change up my hair doing less wash and go’s and wet styles during winter and usually its braided. Then it gets highlights from the sun when summer comes around and is constantly being wet to keep me cool ^^

That is all the seasonal changes I can member [<<remember, I know I just say member] for now. Are you in tune with mother nature? Join me in Spring Cleaning!